North Springs Tactical Rifle Monthly Matches

North Springs Tactical Rifle Competitions are held on the first Saturday of every month by Ron Young (435 820 4881) at the North Springs Shooting Range in Price, Utah.

A good majority of the competitions that you may have seen on our YouTube channel are held at this location and follow a nearly identical format.  North Springs is nothing short of a world class facility with diverse offering of terrain and obstacles to challenge all levels of shooters.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or attending your first tactical precision rifle match these matches are excellent.  I’d highly recommend them for shooters that are experienced at long range but have never competed as the atmosphere is relatively low key and the shooters and range officer are helpful and considerate of different skill levels of competitors.

The top 4-5 shooters for each monthly match receive trophies the day of and totals for the year are tallied less your 5 lowest scores for the 2 day finale which will be held in September of 2016.

There are typically 15-35 shooters competing at each match.  The fee is $27 total which include range fees, match fees and a hot meal provided at the conclusion of the match.  Fees are to be paid directly to Ron Young via PayPal or Venmo in advance unless other arrange are made.

More information can be found by visiting the facebook page for the match here:

or contact Ron Young directly at 435 820 4881

Here is video playlist of LRSU coverage of past events:



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5 thoughts on “North Springs Tactical Rifle Monthly Matches

  1. Brayten Torsak says:

    What are the requirements and rules? I shoot a 30-06 is that acceptable for this competition? I will be a month away from being 18 at this point in may… are 17 year olds permitted to participate? Thanks

    • longrangeshooterofutah says:

      There is no age requirement but if you’re under 18 you’ll need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver and be present. There are no restrictions on caliber or rests.

  2. Fred Brown says:

    Going prairie dog hunting in 2018. Would it be possible to come by and try one mile shooting under LRSU supervision? This would be a bucket list wish. Thanks

      • Fred Brown says:

        Thanks for your reply. Have been following LRSU for sometime. You guys lead the way. Thanks. As of now, we are thinking spring and definitely before fire season. We don’t want to compete, just try to hit the jug. We just have a couple of stock Savages, mod. 10 LE .300 WM-212 gr. H-ELD and mod. 12 -LRP- 6.5 Creed- 147gr. ELD. I will put on anti cant bubbles and higher moa rails and try to be ready. Will get dates to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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