Long Range Shooting 1 Mile (1760 Yards) – 7mm – 300 Win Mag

First time shooting 1 mile with my new rifle 7mm – 300 Win Mag. Took 3 shots to get on target. 4 consecutive hits after that. My camera got bumped and I didn’t capture two of them unfortunately. I was pretty stoked to find that it was so easy to hit a 24″ plate at that distance.

Rifle Specs: Custom build by Moon Roberts at Crescent Customs
Action: Defiance Deviant
Barrel: #7 Contour Bartlein 1:8.75 twist. 5 deep flutes & a Badger Thruster brake.
Trigger: Shilen set at 1.5 lbs.
Chassis: Accuracy International AX – 338 CIP

Ammo: Custom 7mm – 300 Win Mag Handloads – 72 gr H1000, 180 gr Berger Hybrids at 2986 FPS.

Ranged with a Bushnell Arc 1600


One thought on “Long Range Shooting 1 Mile (1760 Yards) – 7mm – 300 Win Mag

  1. Rob Mason says:

    Looking to build similar rig and have the following questions regarding your 7mm-300WM build.

    – Why a 338 Lapua C.I.P mag setup vs AICS 300 mag?
    – Assuming I’m using 180 Bergers in a 7mm-300, would a standard 5rd 300WM AICS mag be optimal?
    – How big is there a difference between 7mm-300 and 7mm LRM in performance on elk at extended ranges?


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