Red Empty Chamber Indicator with LRSU Utah Logo

The majority of shooting competitions and events, including the .22 LR Marksmen Challenge and LRSU Milk Jug Challenges require the use of chamber flags to indicate clearly to match officials and others at the range that your firearm has an open bolt and empty chamber.

These flags can be used in a variety of ways and accommodate just about any caliber of firearm from .22 LR to Magnum Centerfire calibers.

3 main ways to use your LRSU Chamber Flag

1 – Run the small end of the flag into the chamber of your firearms and into the barrel.

2 – Run the small end of the flag into the action and down thru the mag well of the firearm

3 – For larger centerfire caliber rifles, insert the large end of the flag shaped like a guitar pick into the action. It will lodge in place as shown.