The days of your wife making fun of you when you come home from a match with drop data and target positions written all over your hand are over!

Enter the Sidewinder designed and made by one of our own – Marcus Blanchard (1st place New Mexico PRS match 2016, 2nd place in the 2015 Vegas PRS match and finished 16th in the PRS finale)

The sidewinder is by far the best way to easily reference your drop chart without breaking your cheap weld or changing body position as with other methods.  The sidewinder attaches with a simple self-adhesive velcro patch (hook side) that you can stick wherever you feel is best on your rifle.  You can put additional patches on the other side of your rifle and on other rifles in your safe and quickly move the sidewinder from rifle to rifle, position to position depending on your needs. The flexible cable allows you to orientate the Sidewinder in any way you choose.

The sidewinder comes with 10 blank business card size cards.  One of which is a sample from Bison Tactical which is a reusable, Storm Proof paper.  You simply write down your DOPE or draw up your course of fire and drop data and slide the card into the Sidewinder Sleeve.

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Reusable, Storm Proof paper from Bison Tactical is available at


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