1000+ Yard Ranges



North Springs Shooting Range - Price, Utah

Max Range: 1 Mile (1760 yards) 


5245 South 8000 West

Located off Wattis Road, 15 Miles southwest of Price, Utah. 

Phone:  435 650 7728

Entry fees: $10 per day

Ranges you can shoot: 1000 yards every day, and up to 1 mile on most days.

Caliber restrictions: None. No Armor Piercing ammo

Hours of operation:
Thursday - Sunday 9:00 AM to DUSK
(Closed All Holidays)


Contact info: 

Scott Olsen - Rangemaster
Office: 435-636-7728
[email protected]


Driving Directions: 

Drive south on SR-10 7 miles, turn right at the Hiawatha Junction, Drive for 3 miles, turn right at Wattis Junction, Follow the signs and you are at the North Springs Shooting Range.



500 - 1000 Yard Ranges



Three Mile Creek Gun Range - Perry, Utah

Max Range: 1000 Yards

Address:  Coordinates: 41.4541930, -112.0589120

To get to the Range (which is located west of Interstate-15 in Perry City):
1. Travel on Highway 89 to 3000 South (south of Maddox) in Perry City;
2. Travel west on 3000 South (from H-89 to 1200 W. & the City offices);
3. Travel north to 2950 South Street, then west on 2950 South Street,
over the railroad tracks, and underneath Interstate-15;
4. Turn left (going south) on the west frontage road, and then turn right
(going west) onto the “access road” to the shooting range; and
5. When you reach the range’s flag pole, turn left (going south) and go
down to the parking lot behind (to the east of) the shooting line.

2021 Entry fees:
Individual Day Pass $10.00
Youth Day Pass (Under Age of 12, with Paying Adult) $5.00
Trap Range (per 25 clay pigeons) $6.00
Punch Pass (Includes 5 Day Passes) $40.00
Individual Season Pass (Perry City Resident) $50.00
Family Season Pass (Perry City Resident) $100.00
Individual Season Pass (Non-Resident) $75.00
Family Season Pass (Non-Resident) $125.00
Approved Youth Groups (Scouts, Youth Council, etc.) No Charge

Ranges you can shoot:  25 - 1000 yards

Caliber restrictions: 338 Lapua or larger are limited to shooting the 500 yard steel target and beyond.

Hours of operation:Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.

Contact info: 

Chief Range Safety Officer: Rory Pyatt - (435) 465-2177
Email: [email protected]

Perry City Office: 435-723-6461

Iron County Shooting Range - Cedar City

Max Range: 1000 Yards


Head West on Highway 56. Take a right on Iron Springs Road. Proceed past the Iron County Landfill. Take a right on Shooting Range Road/Three Peaks Road. Continue Northeast 2.4 miles until you reach the shooting range.

The GPS Coordinates: LAT: 37°46’28.35″N LONG: -113°12’29.04″W

Entry fees:  FREE

Ranges you can shoot:  Pistol, Rifle and Cowboy Action Range.  Max of 1000 yards.

Caliber restrictions: none

Hours of operation: not specified

Contact info: Iron County - (435) 477-8300

Website: https://www.ironcounty.net/department/outdoor-recreation/shooting-range/

General Info: At the far western edge of the Three Peak Recreation Complex is the Iron County Shooting Range. This is a dedicated target shooting area that features a long and short range.

There is also a cowboy action shooting range for organized events (reservation required)

Any destruction of public property or littering is a criminal offense punishable by fine and /or incarceration. Shooting is not allowed in any other areas of the Three Peaks Complex.

Notice: Discharging firearms may be dangerous. This is an unsupervised shooting range. Use of the Iron County Shooting Range is at YOUR OWN RISK.

General Range Rules apply to the entire Iron County Shooting Range facility to insure the safety of all visitors and minimize activities that detract from an enjoyable and safe shooting experience for all.

Unsupervised Venues Make Awareness and Courtesy Even More Important

Except during organized shooting events, all venues are unsupervised. It is up to every individual visiting the range to familiarize themselves with safe shooting practices and to exercise these practices at all times.
Where firearms are concerned, an abundance of safety and neighborly manners are in order. Those that fail to follow safety rules will be removed from the premises.

    1. Direction of fire is always directly down range. Cross range fire is prohibited.
    2. Before going downrange to set or change targets, coordinate with ALL other shooters at the line to establish a cease fire. Honor all cease fires and refrain from handling guns while anyone is downrange.
    3. All guns not in a case should always be pointed down range or straight up and never at anyone along or behind the firing line.
    4. When a cease fire is called, ALL guns should be made safe by:

Semiautomatic guns – removing the magazine, ensuring the chamber is empty, and locking the slide open.

Bolt action guns – removing the magazine, ensuring the chamber is empty and leaving the bolt open.

Lever action guns – ensuring the magazine is empty, ensuring the chamber is empty and leaving the lever down and action open.

Falling block or rolling block guns  – ensuring the chamber is empty and leaving the action open.

Break barrel guns  – verifying the chamber is empty and leaving the gun clearly broken open.

Revolvers  – for double action revolvers, verifying the cylinder is empty and propping the cylinder open. For single action revolvers, verifying all chambers of the cylinder are empty and leaving the loading gate open.

Guns should not be handled again until the range is clear and ok to fire is agreed upon.

These are standard range rules at all managed shooting events. Develop good safety habits and teach others how to be safe at the range.


Children brought to the range must be fully supervised at all times. All children should have eye and hearing protection at all times. Young ears are sensitive and permanent hearing damage can occur with the noise of a single shot.

ATVs and Motorcycles

ATV’s and Motorcycles may be used to go downrange to manage targets or as transportation to toilet facilities, but otherwise cannot not be used in the area for recreational riding. The range has a 5 mph speed limit to avoid excessive noise and raising dust.

Keeping the Range Clean

Everyone’s help is needed to keep the range clean. Trash cans are provided. Pick up any trash and spent shotgun hulls and put them in the cans.

Salt Lake City PMAA Range

Max Range: 803 Yards 

Address:  Parley's Canyon, Exit 134 for East Canyon

East Bound I-80; Exit 134. Turn Right at the end of the ramp and right again at the range gate/entrance.

West Bound I-80; Exit 134. Turn Left at the end of the ramp, pass under the freeway and continue to the frontage road. Turn right at the gate/entrance

Entry fees: 

Yearly Membership                    $125.00***

Daily Rate Members                    $2.00

Daily Rate Non-members          $10.00

12-15 Years Old                             $3.00

Kids under 12                                 Free with paying adult

Shotgun                                            $7.00 per round

Range rentals, land classroom rentals are available.

Ranges you can shoot:

Currently, the public range has all covered benches for shooting in many types of weather.  Targets may be put up on backers at 10, 25, 50, and 100 yards, with reactive metal silhouettes at 200, 300, 400, 600, 750, and 803 yards.  The targets past 100 yards go up the mountain to the left in the picture in the header of this website.

There are also two more pistol/carbine course ranges that are adjacent to the public range, including the 5 stand shotgun area.  These ranges, along with a classroom, may be rented for classes, special events, etc.

Caliber restrictions: none listed

Hours of operation:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturdays, Sundays 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Shotgun 5 stand open:  Same as regular range open hours above, but please call for availability.
Call or check the calendar for holiday closures.

Contact info: Range Phone (Dave Walker):  (801)582-6438

Website: http://www.pmaagunrange.com/

100 - 500 Yard Ranges



Wahsatch Shooter's Association

Max Range: 100 Yards


1649 E 650 N, Kaysville, UT 84037

Hours of operation:
Closed Mon, Wed, Thur, Holidays

Summer Hours - Starts: April 1st
Tuesday 5 PM to 9 PM or Dusk (whichever is sooner)
Friday 9 AM to 9 PM or Dusk (whichever is sooner)
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM

Winter Hours - Starts: Oct 21
Friday 9 AM to 5 PM or Dusk (whichever is sooner)
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM or Dusk (whichever is sooner)
Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM

Ranges to 100 yards

Entry fees:  

Daily: $10.00 per individual or couple

Annual: $60.00 Senior Annual: $25.00


Provo Shooting Sports Park

Max Range: 100 Yards


1450 E Rifle Range Rd., Provo, UT 84604

25 yard - Rimfire, center-fire and muzzle loading handguns are authorized on the handgun range.
100 yard - Muzzle loading rifles are authorized on the rifle range.

Hours of operation:
Winter Hours | November 1 - March 31
Wednesday 2:00 PM - Dusk
Friday 2:00 PM - Dusk
Saturday (2 hour time limit) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Summer Hours | April 1 - October 31
Wednesday 4:00 PM - Dusk
Thursday (only Sept-Oct) 4:00 PM - Dusk
Friday 4:00 PM - Dusk
Saturday (2 hour time limit) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Entry fees:  
Provo Resident - $3 per visit - or - 5 visit punch pass $13
Non-Resident - $5 per visit - or - 5 visit punch pass $22

Items for Purchase at the Shooting Range:

Paper targets:     $0.25
Foam ear plugs:  $0.25
Eye protection:    $8.00