When: Saturday, Dec 4th, 2021 – 9 am to 5 pm. 

Where: North Springs Shooting Range – Price, UT  (Google Map

How registration works: Below you will select a 1-hour block when you wish to attempt the 1200 yard challenge.  Only 4 people can register for each block. If you wish to attempt other challenges you will need to book them separately and during a different 1-hour block.  Each shooter must register separately so we can capture their information but you can register one person for multiple distances in one transaction (3 separate 1-hour blocks, 1 per challenge).  **NOTICE** Do not book more than one challenge during the same 1-hour block, if you do you will forfeit one of the challenges.  If you wish to shoot multiple distances you must book them during different 1-hour time slots.  

Format: Two shooters will attempt the challenge at the same time while the other two wait.  The two shooting will alternate back and forth but in a ready-golf format where whoever is on target and ready to fire will call out “their name, shot #” and if the RO/Spotter is ready to spot, they will reply back “shooter’s name, shot #” and the shooter may fire.  Each shooter gets 10 shots per attempt. After 10 shots or hitting the milk jug the shooter will clear the bench promptly so those waiting can take a position and begin their attempt.  There should be plenty of time for all 4 shooters to get 2 attempts (if needed) each during the 1-hour block.  Attempts should not exceed 10 minutes.  

Targets Used & Success Criteria: All milk jug will be LRSU Official AR500 steel milk jugs.  The LRSU RO/Spotter assigned to your distance will officiate the challenge determine if a shooter has successfully hit the jug and completed the challenge.  

Filming: Your registration DOES NOT include video of your challenge or posting to social media or YouTube.  LRSU reserves the right to film during the challenge and post footage at their discretion but makes no promise of providing footage to participants privately or publicly.  If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed please tell our staff and we will make every effort to meet your request.  

Weather: The event will be held regardless of the weather conditions unless it becomes dangerous to do so ie. lighting, tornado, extreme winds of 45 mph+.  Please come prepared for the worst possible weather and be ready to shoot rain or shine.  

Cancellation Policy:  Because the event is just two weeks away and spots are limited we cannot accept cancellations or provide refunds so please be certain that you can attend before booking.  If you’re unable to attend, you may sell or give away your spot but please notify us via email at [email protected] and provide the name, email, and phone number of the individual taking your place.  


  • EVERYONE IS REQUIRED to stop at the main office upon arrival to check-in, complete a North Springs liability waiver, and PAY a $10 range fee to Carbon County.  CASH ONLY, they do not have a credit card reader.
  • EVERYONE IS REQUIRED to turn in a signed LRSU Liability Waiver to LRSU before participating.  You will be prompted to download the waiver when you register.  
  • ALL EQUIPMENT & AMMO MUST BE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER AND CAPABLE OF SAFE OPERATION.  Any equipment or ammo deemed unsafe by North Spring or LRSU Staff will be immediately disqualified from the event and removed from the firing line.  
  • BY REGISTERING FOR THE EVENT YOU AGREE TO obey the FOUR UNIVERSAL RULES of FIREARMS SAFETY below and any range or even specific rules without exception.  Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the event without a refund.  
    • ALWAYS treat every gun as if it were loaded. 
    • NEVER point a gun at anything you do not intend to destroy
    • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.  
    • ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond it. ie Double check your elevation to ensure you are properly dialed in for the distance you’re shooting and don’t shoot over the berms.  
    • All rifles will be transported MUZZLE UP, BOLT OPEN, MAG OUT, and CHAMBER FLAG INSERTED IN THE BARREL/ACTION (flags will be available) – OR – Unloaded, inside of a case.  Before removing a rifle from a case the case should first be orientated such that the muzzle of the rifle is pointed downrange.  No exceptions.  

Discounted/Recommended Accommodations:


  • National 9 – $49/night after discount. (Mention North Springs Shooting Range)
  • Greenwell Inn & Suites – $60 – 75/night (Mention Long Range Shooters of Utah)
  • Ramada – $89-99/night includes breakfast (Mention Long Range Shooters of Utah)
  • Holiday Inn Express – $95/night includes breakfast. (Mention North Springs Shooting Range)
  • There are several Airbnb vacation rental options in Helper that are quite nice and affordable.


  • Groggs has the best food in town.  Their burgers in particular are excellent.  
  • Wingers
  • Balance Rock Eatery


Question: “If I register and attend the event and hit a milk jug will LRSU be filming and posting video of my challenge to YouTube or Social Media?”

Answer: NO.  We are not promising to provide any video coverage of your challenge as part of this event.  However, LRSU may film at the event and may post that footage at their discretion.  If you don’t wish to be photographed or videoed please let your spotter know at the beginning of each challenge you participate in.

Question:  “Can I complete multiple challenges during a single one-hour time slot?”

Answer:  NO.  You must sign up for a separate time slot at a different time for each challenge you wish to participate in.

Question: “Are there any caliber restrictions?”

Answer: NO.  As long as your rifle ad ammo are in good working order and do not pose a threat to your safety or others you can shoot a 50 BMG if you like.  No armor piercing, incendiary, or explosive rounds are allowed.  Equipment or ammo that is deemed unsafe by any RO is required to be removed from the firing line and event without exception.

Question:  “How many attempts will I get during a 1-hour block of time”

Answer:  “With only 4 people per 1-hour time block, each shooter should get at least two attempts (if needed) at each distance.  Additional attempts may be possible as time allows but are not guaranteed.

Question: “Who determines if a jug has or has not been hit in the event that it’s not obvious?” 

Answer: As in baseball, the umpire (or RO in this case) will be the final word on calling successful impacts on target.  Their word is final.  

Question:  “What if I’ve never shot beyond 1000 yards before and/or I’m not sure if my rifle, optics, ammo are capable of doing so safely” 

Answer:  If you’re unsure if you can safely make shots are these distances, please call or email us before registering and we’ll help you make that determination.  Email: [email protected] Phone:  801 913 4463.