The Cheat Sheet from Cole-TAC offers the perfect way to keep your important data in clear view. By mounting the Cheat Sheet directly to your scope, you can easily see your DOPE without having to break your position. This simple but effective design works on all optics and can be positioned on either side of the scope.

We design and manufacture our Cheat Sheet in the U.S.A. and offer it with our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Get your Cole-TAC Cheat Sheet today, and you can rest easy knowing where to dial at all times.

Exclusively from Long Range Shooters of Utah, we will include a .6″ black binder clip (paper clip) with each order to allow you to easily attached a standard business card or 3 x 5 card DOPE chart to your cheat sheet.  You can also use athletic tape or our favorite; Gaff tape from Amazon to write your dope on.

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