Pod Lock for Harris S-Series Bipods

Enhance your Harris Engineering S-series bipod by replacing the factory cant tension knob with our lever-style pod-lock.


1 – Nylon pod lock lever

1 – Aluminum spacer

Installation Instructions:

While holding the cant assembly with your fingers, use a 1/4″ drive or socket (standard size of most drills and screwdrivers) to remove the nut from within the factory tension knob.  Once removed, you can unscrew the factory tension knob.  Place the provided aluminum spacer on the threaded post then screw on the pod lock lever until snug.  You can reposition the lever by gently pulling it outward allowing it to spin freely.  When you have it positioned where you want simply let go and it will engage.  From there you can loosen and tighten the cant tension allowing to easily level your rifle and lock it in position.

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